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Our Decorated Real Trees

The Christmas Tree Company provides top quality real Christmas trees to the corporate market.


All of our real trees are professionally grown and are handpicked for our clients, guaranteeing that you receive the finest quality. Every Christmas tree we deliver is carefully selected for health, symmetry, taper, density, needle retention, and deep rich natural colour.

Our trees are decorated with energy efficient LED lights, and with baubles and ribbons which are available in a range of colour schemes. Water stands are supplied with our real trees to ensure a longer lifespan.


We offer a professional service with a dedicated, experienced team, installing, decorating and collecting your Christmas decorations with a minimal amount of disruption to your office schedule.

During the delivery and removal process, the tree is placed in a custom made wrapping, to ensure the area over which the tree has to be carried is protected. In office environments this process is designed to protect surrounding foyers, lifts, corridors, stairwells and common areas.

We are fully insured for all work carried out and can install trees outside working hours if required.


Our Trees

The Christmas Tree Company

We do recognise the need some people have for buying artificial trees and as such we do cater for that market. However, we do prefer real trees. Here are some reasons why;


Fresh Christmas trees benefit the environment (one acre of real Christmas trees produces enough daily oxygen for 18 people) and are recyclable.

For every single fresh Christmas tree harvested, two/three more natural real Christmas trees are planted.

Real Christmas trees offer a refuge and natural habitat for wildlife.

Real Christmas trees remove dust and pollen from the air.

Real Christmas trees are biodegradable.

Real Christmas trees provide employment.

Real Christmas trees do not have harmful lead and PVC omissions.

Decorated Real Trees

Our Team will deliver, install and decorate YOUR trees and
organise the removal after the festive season on an agreed date.  All prices quoted Ex VAT.

Standard Decorated

SUPERIOR Decorated


Leave all the hassle to us this season and order your tree today!!

We understand that Christmas is an extremely busy time of year for you, but why should your business miss out on a freshly cut, beautiful Real Christmas Tree this year?


Some of our Trees in their new homes !